Unser Richter-Team
wir freuen uns sehr über die Zusagen von:

Annette Bürse-Hanning (Prüfungsleitung) aus Deutschland

Mit Freude folge ich der Einladung, den Jubiläums-Spessart Cup 2023 zu richten. Als Starter oder Richter bin ich von Anfang an dabei gewesen. Ich werde versuchen mit interessanten und anspruchsvollen Aufgaben meinen Beitrag zu einem gelungenen Wochenende zu leisten. 

Seit 1995 führe ich mit meinem Mann Stefan unsere Hunde auf allen Arten von Prüfungen und im jagdlichen Einsatz. Ich stelle bevorzugt Aufgaben, die ich mit meinen Hunden gerne selbst arbeiten würde. Entscheidend ist für mich die Ausgewogenheit zwischen Kontrolle und Selbstständigkeit des Hundes, die, gepaart mit dem „will to please“, die herausragenden Fähigkeiten unserer Retriever am besten zusammenfasst. Zur Zeit führe ich unsere Hunde Oakvalley Black Knight und Greenpond Emma und erlebe so auch die Prüfungsrealiät als Starter. 

Ich freue mich darauf, den Geländegegebenheiten und dem Bewuchs angepasste interessante, anspruchsvolle und faire Aufgaben zu stellen, die sowohl den Ausbildungsstand als auch die individuellen Qualitäten der Hunde in den verschiedenen Leistungsklassen fordern werden. 

Die Organisation und der reibungslose Ablauf liegt wie immer, in den uns Allen bekannten, „besten Händen“! Allen Teilnehmern wünsche ich einen erfolgreichen und fairen Wettbewerb.

Sue Hutton aus Großbritannien

Thank you for the kind invitation to judge this event, I am very much looking forward to it and regard it as a great honour.

I live in South West France although I am originally from the United Kingdom.  I was born in London and spent many years in rural Worcestershire before moving to France.  Whilst in Worcestershire in my twenties I found my love for working gundogs, the area was known for its wonderful shoots and I spent many years picking up and beating on these shoots.  When retired from competition with the horses in my early thirties I decided that Field Trialling would be a good replacement and was very soon completely addicted.  I have been working, trialling and judging now for 30 years.

I own labradors, golden retrievers and cocker spaniels, all of which I pick up with and trial.  I ran in the IGL in 2003 making up my first FTCh and also in 2017.  I currently have an Open 3 year old Labrador bitch and a novice 2 year old Golden Retriever bitch that will be running in the few available field trials in the UK this season.  Once the season is over I will return to France where we run a Gundog Training Facility on our lovely farm in the South West.

I am a UK Kennel Club A Panel Retriever Judge and have travelled extensively over Europe and the USA judging and running training seminars.

Anders Carlsson aus Schweden

I bought my first Labrador 1979. The reason for buying a Labrador was that I needed a dog for finding and picking all the small game I shot. I was running her on trials and she became a champion. Since then I have made up a lot of dogs to champions on cold game and fieldtrials. 

I am breeding Labrador since 1983 together with my wife Mirjam. Since 1994 I have been judging retrievers. I have been travelling a lot and have been judging in many countries all over Europe. Spending most of the time with my dogs and they are my partners on the shooting days. The will to please and strong gamefinding ability is very important to me. 

Me and my wife is also picking up on estates in our neighbourhood several days a week in shooting season. We also have other breeds for deer and wild boar hunting. Spending almost every day in the woods and along the cost of Baltic sea. 

Looking forward to see you and your dogs and wish you good luck on the test. 

Best Regards Anders

David Logan aus Schottland

Firstly I would like to thank you for the kind invitation to judge this event and would like to wish all the competitors the best of luck.

I have had the pleasure of growing up with working dogs, I first introduced to working dogs through my family and soon enough I caught the bug!

I was given my first dog as part of my 16th Birthday in 2009, this dog was Devonvale Shadow. One the most memorable years for me was 2016 when I won my first open stake which took me to the IGL championship where we came 2nd . I was also invited to be part of the winning Scotland team for the Home Nation Field Trial held at Windsor for the late Her Majesty the Queens 90th birthday celebration , this was a huge honour was awarded guns choice. I have been fortunate enough to have ran for Scotland at the Scottish Gamefair and The Gamefair in 2021 and 2022, I was also part of the winning GB team at the 2022 Kennel Club international Working Test with my current open dog FTCH Craigmaddie Mufasa of Bishopbrae. I have been lucky enough to have qualified for the IGL Championship on 3 separate occasions in 2016, 2021 and 2022.

I’m an A Panel Retriever judge and have had the pleasure of judging all over the UK, Europe and the USA. 

Henk Slijkhuis aus den Niederlanden

My name is Henk Slijkhuis and together with Marina I am living in the Netherlands in a village close tot the German border. In my youth we always had dogs and when I got married, we bought our first dog, Senno, a Bernese Mountaindog. I started training obedience and he performed quite well.

A few years later, our first Labrador entered our home. It was a bitch and we named her Kelsey. With her I also followed obedience classes, but then I got in contact with people who were training their
retrievers for retrieving. I got enthousiastic and looked for a traininggroup. At first I competed at workingstests, but later on I also competed on field trials. 

Several times I represented my country on the Coup d’Europe and the IWT. Together with Dick 
Heijman and Mike Mulch we won the IWT in 2008 and 2009. In 2019 we organized the IWT in the Netherlands, together with an enthousiastic group of people.

I started judging artificial hunting tests since 2003. In 2010 I became a judge for workingtests and field trials. Since then I have judged workingtests and field trials in several countries. 

What I like to see is a dog who has a good expression in his work, who shows eagerness and pace. A 
dog should mark well, should be a good gamefinder and if it is necessary he should be obedient on the commands given by the handler, without relying on it. 

I am very much delighted to have been invited to judge on the Spessart Cup. I wish all the competitors 
the best of luck.

Jo Serruys aus Belgien 

Jo lives in the North of Belgium. He started in 1993 and bought his first Labrador Roydon Yochiver with the intention to do obedience training.  

In 1998 came the first working breed Labrador, From Gundogs’ Heaven Billy in. From Gundogs’ Heaven Billy became the title of Belgian & International Field Trial Champion. He qualified Billy three times for the Belgian Retriever Championship.  

Jo has qualified two of his dogs on 5 occasions for the Belgian Retriever Championship. As an amateur, he made two field trial champions and two field trial winners. 

B. & Int. FTCH.  From Gundogs’ Heaven Billy  
B. FTCH. Starcreek Devon
Ftw. Ragweeds Impish Rum
Ftw. Broadlaw Flora

He has participated on field trials and workingtests all over Europe, International Workingtests and the Skinners Workingtest in Highclere. 

He was one of the founders, member of the board and vice-president of the Belgian Labrador Retriever Club in 2001. He was also responsible for the working committee for many years. He organized several seminars for the Belgian Labrador Retriever Club members during this period. Jo takes a lot of initiatives to promote working with Retrievers in general.

Since 2006, he is appointed as an official FCI Field Trial judge for Retrievers. His experience as a FCI Field Trial judge for Retrievers has taken him to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain judging Field Trials and Gundog Working Tests. In 2019, he judged the German Workingtest Final and the International Challenge Cup field trial in Spain.

Training seminars have also featured in different countries. He likes to see gundogs who hunt with style and have natural gamefinding abilities.

Jo always considers it a great honour to be asked to judge these events and is very pleased to accept the appointment to judge the Spessart Cup 2023. He wish all the best to the competitors! 

Mike Rolland aus Schottland 

‘Mike is a committed , competitive trainer , trialler  and A panel field trial judge who judges all over the UK and in Europe. He has trained and made up 2 field trial champions and numerous field trial winners has run many times in the retriever championship and was 4th in the championship at Cawdor Castle in 2012.
Mike has represented Scotland at the CLA Gamefair in the home international on 8 occasions over the years with 4 different dogs and was part of the last Scotland winning team at Blenheim Castle in 2009.’ 

Zsolt Böszörményi aus Ungarn 

My interest in retrievers has started over 20 years ago. After seeing working labradors on field trials, it was a straight way to the world of working retrievers and then field trialing. We are breeding working labradors under the prefix „Brookbank” together with my wife Andrea, our goal is to breed retrievers with good natural abilities who are easy to train and handle.

Till today we made up 5 dogs to field trial champions:

Int. FTCH Eddie of Dukefield,
Int. FTCH Starcreek Ginger,
Int. FTCH Fly of Dukefield
Int. FTCH Ardmuir Earl of Brookbank
Int. FTCH Brookbank Dragonfly

My current  Open dog is FTW Brookbank Ellwood.
I love training my dogs for shooting and field trials, but I enjoy running them on working tests too. 
I regularly give trainings at home and abroad.
I have always worked actively for our sport, in 2005 we founded the Working Retriever Club of Hungary, I am president of the club since. I have been the head of the organizer team of the IWT in 2011 and 2021, and the European Championship for Retrievers in 2021 in Hungary. I have been judging for more than 10 years on field trials and working tests, I judged the IWT in Finland 2017 and in Austria 2022.  
So I know how you feel right now, whether you are a member of the organizing team or a competitor since I’ve been on both sides several times already.

I wish every success to the organizers, and best of luck to the competitors!

Michael Brühl aus Deutschland (richtet am Samstag)

Thank you for the kind invitation to judge Spessart Cup in this special year of 60th anniversary of the DRC.  

I have been training dogs myself for more than 20 years now and my passion for it is not getting any less.
In 2009 I was appointed judge for hunting tests, in 2011 I was also appointed for working tests. Since then I have been judging regularly and with great pleasure on many hunting tests and WT's.
My dogs are used in dummy sports as well as hunting. With each of my dogs, it is something special for me to recognize and overcome our weaknesses together and to use our common strengths.
Even after all these years I am tense as a starter at upcoming exams and at the same time full of anticipation because an exam is a great opportunity to get feedback on the current training status.

I wish all of you a nice exam day with lots of fun and luck.

Mario Hickethier aus Deutschland (richtet am Samstag)

Als vor viel
en Jahren meine Labrador Hündin Bellis Emma einzog war an Dummysport oder jagdliche Arbeit noch nicht zu denken.
Über den Weg der Grundausbildung begann auch mich das Virus der Dummyarbeit zu packen.
Nach erfolgreicher Absolvierung des Jagdscheines bilde ich meine Labradore auch jagdlich aus und führe sie auf Prüfungen. Hin und wieder begleiten mich meine Hunde bei der Jagd.
Meine Leidenschaft bleibt jedoch die Arbeit der Retriever im Dummybereich und ich versuche so oft mir möglich selbst auf Workingtest zu starten.

Nachdem ich 2015 offiziell zum Leistungsrichter des Deutschen Retriever Club e. V. ernannt wurde, konnte ich diese Leidenschaft, der Arbeit mit Hunden, vertiefen und ich gebe gern meine gesammelte Erfahrung an die Teilnehmer weiter.

Ich freue mich den Spessartcup 2023 richten zu dürfen und bedanke mich für die Einladung.
Allen Teilnehmern wünsche ich viel Suchenglück und ein sehr schönes Wochenende.

Stefan Bürse-Hanning aus Deutschland  (richtet am Sonntag) 

Seit mehreren Jahrzehnten gehören Labbies fest zu meinem/ unserem Leben. Insbesondere die Ausbildung, das Erlernen der Kommunikation mit dem individuellen Hund ist jedes Mal wieder eine der schönsten und gleichzeitig herausfordernden Aufgaben. 

Aufgrund meiner Bewegungseinschränkung führe ich selbst keine Hunde mehr auf Prüfungen, mein Augenmerk liegt nun auf dem Training unserer Hunde. Es macht viel Freude, Aufgaben zu kreieren, die es den Hunden möglich machen zu lernen. 

Ich freue mich darauf, Euch interessante und leistungsgerechte Aufgaben zu stellen, die die Fähigkeiten und den Ausbildungsstand eurer Hunde sichtbar machen.

Mit lieben Grüßen, euer Stefan